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Positions Filled: 1250

Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • WA Airport upgrade
  • 70 + Multi unit developments
  • Brisbane CBA tower (180 Ann Street)
  • Springgfield Mater Hospital
  • Lismore Hospital
  • Correctional Centre in North QLD
  • • 20 + commercial data install projects
  • Sydney Opera House upgrade
  • NSW Parliament house refurb
  • Sunshine Coast Hospital
  • Commonwealth Games athletes village
  • Murdoch University DB & lighting upgrade
  • 8 x Large shopping centre upgrades
  • Wellington Jail
  • Cessnock Jail
  • Northern Beaches Hospital
  • Gosford ATO building
  • Gosford Hospital
  • Westmead Private Hospital
  • University of Canberra
  • Canberra Private Hospital
  • University of Wollongong
  • Woolworths lighting upgrade state wide
  • Barangaroo Warf Project
  • QUT refit and refurb
  • Bundaberg Shopping centre
  • Youi Call Centre fit out
  • Jupiters Casino
  • 10 + Multiple school refits and repairs
  • Geelong Stadium Upgrade

    Positions Filled: 425

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • Gullen Solar farm
  • Yandina Solar Farm
  • Griffith Solar Farm
  • Barcaldine Solar Farm
  • Parkes Solar Farm
  • Dubbo Solar Farm
  • Narromine Solar Farm
  • Darling Downs – RCR
  • Oakey Solar - RCR
  • Sun Metals - RCR
  • Gannawarra - RCR
  • Swan Hill Solar - RCR
  • Bannerton - UGL

    Positions Filled: 550

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • 4 x Abattoirs shutdowns and upgrades
  • 4 x manufacturing facility upgrades
  • Air force base construction – Hazardous Area
  • Large scale water treatment plant construction.
  • Concrete plant shutdowns and upgrades
  • 5 x Utilities maintenance projects
  • Multiple commercial HVAC projects
  • Multiple elevator + lift construction projects
  • Domestic refrigeration projects
  • Motor rewind electricians
  • Portable telecommunication tower constructions.
  • Hunter Valley power stations
  • Bundaberg Plasterboard Factory
  • Kingaroy Abattoir
  • Coca Cola Factory Richlands
  • Millmerran Power Station Shutdown
  • Aurora Sewage Treatment Plant

    Positions Filled: 465

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • WestConnex M4
  • Transgrid NSW Preferred supplier
  • NBN Project – Copper joiners, fibre splicers, pit and pipe
  • 3 x Telecommunication tower
  • National 3G to 4G
  • telecommunication tower refurb
  • Telstra & Optus satellite upgrades
  • AGL Smart metre role out
  • Transgrid substation builds
  • Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) – Sydney

    Positions Filled: 450

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • Roy Hill – Industrial electricians, high voltage cable jointers
  • Sino Iron ore - industrial electricians
  • Multiple coal mine maintenance projects in Bowen Basin
  • Curragh mine ROM upgrade – Hazardous Area Electricians, Supervisors, QA Commissioning officers
  • Field compression stations on QCLNG
  • Gorgon Gas Project (Barrow Island) – Industrial, instrumentation, High Voltage
  • Gladstone APLNG
  • Arrow LNG O&M works
  • Curragh Mine Shutdowns and Brownfield works
  • Dyno Nobel Ammonia Plant
  • Mungana Mine, Chillegoe

    Positions Filled: 190

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • 20 + switchrooms for APLNG
  • 10 + motor control switchboard projects
  • 5 x board building projects
  • RAIL

    Positions Filled: 475

    Some Key Projects Worked On:

  • Norhtwest Rapid Transit
  • 10 + Railway station upgrades
  • Whickham interchange light rail project.
  • Sydney Metro Stage 1 – 20
  • How INSELEC is different


    Electrical Talent Screening & Selection

    The creation of our Productivity Matrix™ allows INSELEC to analyse the following factors that directly affect productivity and safety outcomes.

    • ENVIRONMENT – Tradespeople become a product of their environment.
    • CULTURE – “What is tolerated, is accepted”. Have candidates got a safety culture that matches our client’s and the project? Our assessment of our candidates previous employers and projects can accurately determine their suitability.
    • PROCESSES – What processes come natural to candidates based on their experience and background?


    INSELEC’s detailed selection, verification and onboarding ensure we induct competent and capable personnel into our workforce. Re-engaging radespeople who have recently worked for us reduces the risks associated with utilising unknown entities.


    We aim to ensure INSELEC employees see themselves as part of our clients delivery team through:

    • A “One Team” approach to selection and onboarding
    • Co-branded communications
    • Client branded PPE



    Employees’ health and safety at work is paramount. Our pool of highly skilled and reliable candidates are aware of workplace health and safety requirements. As well as making sure they turn up to the job with the right tools and PPE, we can facilitate and support WHS requirements including:

    • Risk assessments
    • Site hazard identification
    • Qualification and license compliance
    • INSELEC’s on-boarding medical assistance
    • Inductions and training verification
    • Ongoing candidate safety interaction recordings

    Operational Risk – Taken Care Of

    Our employees workers’ compensation requirements are covered by us. In the instance an incident occurs, please call us as soon as possible on (07) 3852 4252. We will work with the employee and your team at the time to help them return to work quickly. If they cannot return to their pre-injury role, we’ll work with all parties to identify suitable duties and help them find another role with a new client. To learn more, call us today on (07) 3852 4252.


    INSELEC has our own National Electrical Enterprise Agreement.

    In co-ordination with the FairWork commission, we’ve been successful in implementing Code Compliant National Electrical Enterprise Agreements.

    Our Enterprise Agreement has been constructed to help improve the relationships we have at an enterprise level with INSELEC and our workforce.

    Our Enterprise Agreement highlights a clear and simple set of core arrangements for our workforce as well as a definitive list of conditions of employment. This agreement will assist us to streamline the employment process with our workforce, which in turn will help us engage with our clients in simple and straightforward terms.

    For a copy, please go to –https://www.fwc.gov.au/documents/documents/agreements/fwa/ae419248.pdf


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